System Design (CAD)

Using UFHN LTD means the system is designed by experienced professionals, specifically tailored for each project.

Our in-house Design Team produce bespoke layout drawings for each project. The aim of this process is to ensure the system proposed maximises performance and efficiency, whilst providing clear installation guidelines.


For each project we will provide the following:

  • Plan view layout designs showing:  manifold positions, suggested thermostat locations, electrical and mechanical schematics
  • Pipe centre requirements (This is shown on the drawing provided, there is also an indication for areas that require a higher concentration of pipework)
  • Pipe lengths (Each loop required is clearly identified by colour and length, this can easily be cross referenced to the materials supplied for ease of installation)
  • A unique reference number for each project (UFHN LTD keep each design on the system indefinitely which can be requested when required)

 Each design is bespoke based on the following criteria:

  • Build type
  • Floor construction
  • Performance requirements
  • Specification
  • Heat Source
  • Installation considerations

Once your drawings have been approved, your system will be ready for delivery. Should you require a copy of the drawings post build/install, there will be a final drawing of the project readily available in our drawings database.

Any of our control options can be included in your quotation, this is typically discussed at the initial consultation stage.

If you require any further information, please call us direct on 01202 894976, or send a message via our Contact page.