Thermostats & Controls

Dial Thermostats

The dial type thermostat options if preferred by many clients as it offers a simplistic approach to zoned control through easy adjustment.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats allow the end user the ability to adjust temperature, time and control of each individual zone.

WiFi & Smart Thermostats

WiFi and Smart thermostats typically offer the same programmability features as programmable thermostats with additional ‘smart’ features typically control via the internet and can offer geo location.

Touchscreen Thermostats

Touchscreen thermostats are typically programmable thermostats where the LCD display is the control pad for the thermostat.

Battery Thermostats

Battery thermostats require batteries to power, they are usually programmable thermostats and can have smart control. They are typically used when the wiring doesn’t offer flexibility for programmable thermostats.

Wireless Thermostats

Wireless thermostats are used when no wiring is available or controls are upgraded and the existing wiring doesn’t allow for the thermostat to be replaced.

Electric Floor Thermostats

Electric floor thermostats are programmable thermostats with a floor sensor to detect the floor temperature, a requirement for electric UFH. They also have 13 Amp rating due to the load of the electric floor heating element.

Time Clocks Thermostats

Timeclocks are used for on/off time control of heating and to enable night-set back when used in conjunction with night set-back thermostats.

12v Thermostats

12v Thermostats operate on a CAT5 FTP or Beldon network cable and can enable central control when using a Heatmiser central touchpad and compatible thermostats.

24v Thermostats

24v controls or low voltage controls are typically used in care homes and hospitals and are frequently purchased as tamperproof for public areas.

Wiring Centres

Wiring Centres enable a central point to wire the underfloor heating controls and enable the thermostats to be linked to the corresponding actuator on the underfloor heating manifold. They are also able to send a control to the pump and boiler to enable the underfloor heating to ‘call’ for heat. Some wiring centres have the additional feature of enabling wiring for hot water control or a zone of radiators.

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