Electric Underfloor Heating

A UFHN LTD Electric Underfloor Heating System is a complete solution, suitable for new builds, renovations, bathrooms and extensions.

Installation is typically on top of a concrete or timber flooring directly underneath your chosen floor finish. A flexible self-leveling compound is applied over the electric mat or cables prior to laying your chosen floor finish. The heat is distributed from flexible heating cables laid in loops over the designated floor area, a layer of insulation should always be used to reduce downward heat loss and maximise the efficiency.

An electric UFH system supplied UFHN LTD offers a low profile installation and can be installed up to 120 W/m² on flammable material and 200 W/m² on concrete. The cost of running electric underfloor heating will vary based on the application, many factors come into play such as the level of insulation, heat loss, running temperatures and floor finish resistance.

Each area heated can be thermostatically controlled to give the right amount of heat exactly where you want it. Electric underfloor heating distributes heat radiantly creating an even output throughout the area, this method of heating provides increased comfort and energy savings.

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