Floor Constructions

Screeded floor construction

Screed is the most common floor construction and is the perfect solution for underfloor heating. By the nature of the construction the heat is distributed evenly and efficiently from tube to surface without any resistance.

UFHN can provide the correct solution for both hand laid and liquid screeded floor systems.

Advantages of using a screeded floor

  • Maximum heat output
  • Good flexibility for installation
  • Cost effective
Timber Suspended floor construction
Timber Suspended

Timber floors come in many varieties; this is a typical construction for upper floors in most existing and new builds properties. UFHN can provide solutions to suit all joisted floor types guaranteeing maximum performance.

Advantages of UFH within joisted floors

  • Rapid transfer of heat via heat emission plates.
  • Lightweight system
  • Cost effective

Considerations for installation

  • Install is required typically before floor deck is laid
  • Some solutions will requires the joist notched
Timber Suspended
Floating Floor floor construction
Floating Floor

A floating floor is typically an insulated floor panel that doesn’t require bonding to the subfloor.

UFHN’s floating floor panels are high density polystyrene panels with heat emmision plates.The output from Mercury pipework provides a highly responsive and even distribution of heat.

A floating chipboard or screedboard deck is typically installed on top of our system prior to the floor finish being laid.

Advantages of UFH within a floating floor

  • Quick to install
  • Lightweight system that sits on structural deck.
  • Dry Installation
  • Floor coverings can be fitted immediately
Floating Floor
Low Profile floor construction
Low Profile

UFHN has a wide range of floor systems that provide the very best solution for low height requirements. These are typically used for renovations and existing buildings.

Advantages of low profile systems

  • Minimal height build up
  • High performance

Suitable for retrofit

Low Profile